Scaling Neutron in Heterogeneous Environments (EN)

Scaling an Openstack deployment requires serious thought and consideration, commonly it is achieved by multiplying the constrained resource. A notable exception is Neutron, in particular the L2 subsystem. The L2 network needs to scale up while most connected components are scaling out. A common approach to scaling the number of available L2 network segments in a region is the introduction of advanced overlay networks, with the drawback that all connected devices need to implement the overlay protocol. Installations requiring multiple hypervisor types or bare metal have a limited number of overlay protocol options.
Neutron provides an alternative to a single overlay protocol; separating L2 in the network fabric from the protocol used on the network edge via Hierarchical Port Binding.
This talk introduces a Neutron HPB architecture and ML2 implementation currently in use at SAP. We will discuss the issues that HPB solved and the challenges faced during our HPB deployment.


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Ort: Raum III Datum: Juni 21, 2016 Zeit: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Martin Klein | SAP SE