The future of OpenStack: User Survey trends & insights

At virtually every OpenStack Days event in 2016, one of the lead speakers discussed the User Survey, and they often used a slide from one of the User Survey charts. But many of them made big mistakes—interpreting the data or its significance incorrectly. This presentation is designed to be a short, dynamic, highly visual and fully accurate portrayal of the NEW April 2017 user survey, presented by the leader of the survey. The presentation time is flexible: it can be a “key findings” talk in 10-15 minutes, or a more in-depth discussion of trends in 40 minutes.)This presentation is available in English. Synopsis: Which areas of OpenStack are evolving most rapidly? Which emerging technologies are hottest? Make data-driven decisions about OpenStack with the new User Survey results.

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Ort: Royal I Datum: Juni 28, 2017 Zeit: 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm Heidi Bretz | OpenStack Foundation